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Our Privacy Policy
How we protect your data

Protecting your privacy is our priority

We are totally committed to respecting your privacy. This policy lays out the way in which we collect information from you, either through our website automatically or through your own contacts with us. Please note that by continuing to use this website you indicate that you accept this policy.

Amendments to this policy

This policy may be amended at any time. The latest policy will always be detailed on this page, so we recommend that you check it on each subsequent visit so that you can confirm that you are happy with any changes that have been made.

Our data controller

Data on this site is controlled by Peter Meyer of Tollgate House, City Gate East, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG1 5FS and any queries about this privacy policy should be addressed to him.

Information we may gather

Firstly there is information that you provide to us. If you contact us for any reason; for instance by making comments, suggestions, complaints or requests; we will probably have access to your name, and email address, plus any other information that you decide to give us.

Secondly there is information that we get automatically, which is not personally identifiable. This includes amongst other factors information about the device you used to access our website, your browsing history through our website, how you use our website, and your Internet Protocol (IP) Address. We may combine both sets of information for our records.

How we use your information

Any personal information we have about you is used solely for essential communications, including answers to any queries, complaints, suggestions or other messages that you send to us. Non-identifying information is used for statistical purposes only, and to help us in improving our website.

How we share your information

Whilst we do not directly share any information as a matter of policy, this website does contain links to other websites. These websites provide either goods or services that you may be interested in. We do not share any information about any of our visitors with these other websites, but they themselves may well collect other information. This other information will be subject to their individual privacy policies, and not to ours.

Compulsory sharing of information

In the unlikely event that it is necessary to share information in order to obey the lawful instructions of governmental or law enforcement authorities we reserve the right to do so. Furthermore we may share information if we believe that it is necessary to do so in order to protect ourselves or our website; our visitors; our hosting providers; or any other third party from harm or suspected criminal activity.

How we store your data

Non-personally identifying data, which we gather routinely about all visits to our website, is stored on the servers of our service providers using industry standard security systems. Information which you send us voluntarily, and which is personally identifiable, is stored separately on our own computer system. This is protected by encryption and physical security devices.

How we use cookies

This website at the time of writing this document does not use cookies but we reserve the right to do so in the future. If we do so these cookies will be used solely for improving the performance of our website and under no circumstances will any personal information be collected by them.

Your privacy rights

Under UK and European legislation you are entitled to access personal information which we hold about you, insist on any incorrect information being corrected, have it deleted, prevent it being passed on to another country or another entity, object to being used for any purposes other than those that you have agreed to, and object to the way in which it is stored and sorted. We are more than happy to comply with all the stipulations in this legislation.

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