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Food Courier Insurance
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Looking for fast food (courier) insurance?

You probably know already that you need food courier insurance. The big question is, how do get it at the lowest price? Some options may look attractive, but there are dangers in going about it the wrong way. Stay with us and read on; this is important, especially if you already have insurance on your car, bike, scooter or moped.

What if you are already insured?

The first and most important thing you must do this to inform your insurer that you are going to be delivering food. Failing to do so could leave you uninsured, even whilst you are not making deliveries, and could cause you severe legal as well as financial problems.

If you have an existing insurance policy, even if you have already informed the insurer that you have a job as a food delivery driver, you will only be covered for the purposes stated on your certificate of insurance. These will most likely cover social, domestic and pleasure purposes, plus perhaps commuting to a single place of employment. Using the car for any other purpose other than those listed on the certificate will not be covered and would probably give the insurer the right to cancel your policy.

So how do you get insured?

There are three ways of getting courier insurance:

Adding a clause to your existing policy

This would normally be the most economical away of adding extra permissions to your policy; you would ring up your insurer and asked them to do it. Unfortunately the overwhelming majority of insurers will not agree; partly because they are not geared up to do it; their main business after all is insuring people who just want to have social domestic and pleasure cover, with perhaps commuting added. As an absolute maximum they may offer business cover, an extension which would allow you to carry samples, but certainly not goods for delivery. Don't let this put you off; it is worth ringing and asking them, but be prepared for a flat refusal.

Buying a top up policy

Some insurers will offer a policy that goes on top of your existing one. The theory is that the policy you are ready have, for social domestic and pleasure purposes, covers you most of the time but the top up policy covers you when you are delivering food. This sounds great in theory but there is one huge snag.

Your existing insurer may not like this one little bit. If you make a claim against their policy they may have no way of knowing whether or not you were delivering food at the time. It is essential to get it in writing that they agree to this; some may, others won't. If they won't agree to you having a top-up policy you could invalidate your existing policy completely.

Cashing in your existing policy and getting a new one which includes cover for delivering food

This would be the ideal solution which could ensure that you are covered not only whilst delivering food but also during your normal day-to-day driving. It would probably involve you in cancellation costs but it may still be the most economical way of getting insured, and staying within the law.

Does this all sound complicated?

It can be but thankfully there is help at hand!

If any form of insurance cries out for professional advice it is this one. Getting it wrong could involve you in having your insurance policy cancelled; which would make it very difficult to get insurance at an affordable cost in future. Worse, it could leave you uninsured, possibly facing steep fines and driving licence issues. If you were to have an accident whilst uninsured you could face costs which would be at best painful, and at worse ruinous.

Let the experts sort it out for you!

We have access to not only one firm of qualified, experienced insurance brokers, but a whole panel of them. You can get advice on which insurance option is the best one for you, and they can get hold of quotations for you to compare. Best of all, their services are normally free of charge, since like practically all businesses that promote vehicle insurance (including the price comparison sites) They get a commission for every policy they refer. A win - win! So don't delay; get quotes now.

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