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Hello and welcome to my site. My name is Peter Meyer and I am a website developer - but I wasn't always. For the first ten years of my working life I worked in a restaurant owned by my father - first as general dogsbody, then as chef, and finally as general manager before we sold it to an Italian restaurant chain in 2018. We were sorry to see it go at the time but looking back to all the problems the industry has had with Covid, selling it was the best thing we did. If we wanted it back again we could probably buy it now for a fraction of what they paid us!

However; since I know a fair bit about catering now I felt that doing a website about food deliveries was a natural for me. It was not something we did a great deal of; most of our clients preferred to come and relax over a dinner and a glass or two of wine for a couple of hours but we did get people asking us to do take-out meals during the last couple of years, and I did actually deliver a few. Extra insurance never even entered my head, I just put them into a bag, jumped in my car and delivered them to people who, over the years, had become more friends and customers. Had I been stopped by the police and accused of driving without insurance I would have been horrified; but things were different then!

Possibly the main thing that spurred me into creating this website was the experience of a guy called Ian who worked for us for several years in the kitchen. After we sold up he went to work for a friend of ours who had a Chinese takeaway (he was probably the only 10th generation Englishman with a Chinese takeaway in Britain!). Ian did a few food deliveries before he found out that extra insurance was necessary; he was lucky and never got caught but one of his colleagues did get stopped by the police, who let her off with a warning. Perhaps the fact she burst into tears helped!

However, I hope this website is helpful to you. I firmly believe that the offers that we have from the brokers we deal with are at least as good as any others on the market; and that they will not only help you find a decent policy, but do it in a friendly way as well.

If you wish to contact me I am Peter Meyer and can write to me at at Tollgate House, City Road East, Nottingham NG1 5FS. Telephone: 0330 434 1680or you could email me - it's much quicker and easier - at Stay safe.

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